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There are many opportunities to find trades and technologies career training in BC close to where you live. Students who are ready can start their training in high school or discover which post-secondary institutions offer the programs that fit their interests.

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Trades Training in High School

Many school districts have created partnerships with post-secondary institutions to offer trades and technologies programming to secondary school students before they graduate. Check out what is available in your district.

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Find Programs at Public Post-Secondary Institutions

BC's public post-secondary institutions offer over 80 different trades programs in every region of the province. Find one that fits your goals here.

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Types of Trades Training Options for High School Students

The Industry Training Authority (ITA) offers a variety of programming for students to explore trades training as early as grade 5. For a complete list of the types of programming available please visit the link below.

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Other Trades & Technical Training Opportunities

Trades and technical training is also offered by Trade Unions and other trade associations. Check out what they offer by clicking the link below.

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