Recreational Vehicle Service Technician

So, you think you might want to be a Recreational Vehicle Service Technician?

Like cruising on the open road? How about a career as a Recreational Vehicle Service Technician?

Job Description

RV Service Technicians work on systems and components of recreational vehicles, including electrical components, plumbing, propane gas components, appliances, exterior and interior components, structural frames and towing systems. They diagnose, repair, replace, install, adjust, test, maintain and modify these components and systems. They may also perform maintenance and repairs on trailer frames, undercarriage and suspension. They must be knowledgeable about each system’s function and the interaction among various systems. However, it is important to note that they do not work on the motor or drive train components.

If you want to be a RV Service Technician, you will work in BC’s Transportation SectorThey are typically employed at RV dealerships, independent RV repair shops, RV manufacturers and may also be self employed. RV Service Technicians may work at indoor shops and outdoors at RV sites.

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