Motor Vehicle Body Repairer

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Job Description

Motor Vehicle Body Repairers (metal and paint) repair and restore damaged motor vehicle bodies as well as their collision-damaged mechanical and structural parts. Motor Vehicle Body Repairers assess body damage and make repair estimates and calculations. Their repair work may range from correcting minor structural and cosmetic scratches and dents to fixing extensive structural damage to motor vehicles. Vehicle parts that are damaged beyond repair are replaced. The alignment and replacement of suspension and steering components is also a part of this trade. Restoring interior components of vehicles also falls within the scope of duties of these tradespeople. They also work with electronic components and passenger protection systems such as seat belts and airbags.

If you want to be an Motor Vehicle Body Repairer, you will work in BC’s Transportation Sector. In this sector, most motor vehicle body repairers work in private enterprises or are self-employed. Journey persons may be employed by body shops, auto and truck dealerships, custom shops, and trucking and bus companies.

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