Heavy Equipment Operator

So, you think you might want to be a Heavy Equipment Operator?

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Job Description

Heavy Equipment Operators operate heavy equipment used in the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, airports and utilities, and the construction of gas and oil pipelines, tunnels, buildings and other structures. They also operate equipment in surface mining, quarrying, and land clearing activities.

Heavy Equipment Operators are employed by construction companies, heavy equipment contractors, public works departments and pipeline, logging, mining, oil, cargo-handling and other industries.

If you want to be an Heavy Equipment Operator, you could work in the Construction Sector and be employed by companies that own and operate heavy equipment that service the construction sector. They work with construction contractors and specifically in areas such as landscaping and land clearing.

Or you might work in the Resource Sector and be employed by companies that service the forestry, mining, marine and oil & gas industries.

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