Crane Operator

So, you think you might want to be a Crane Operator?

Do you like playing “Operation”? With a 400 lb crane?  Check out students learning about becoming a Crane Operator.

Job Description

Crane Operators operate cranes or draglines to lift, move and position heavy objects, such as building materials or machinery, at construction or industrial sites, ports, railway yards, surface mines and similar locations.

If you want to be a Crane Operator, you could choose to work in the Construction Sector and be employed by construction companies and contractors to work on building sites.

Or in the Resource Sector where Crane Operators are employed by industrial, mining, cargo handling and railway companies to move and position heavy objects.

Look below to find out which sectors of BC’s economy you can work in if you pursue this trade.

Red Seal Trade
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Salary & Job Information
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For more information on how much Crane Operators make, the expected number of future job openings, where the jobs are and the current workforce opportunities specifically for this trade, visit the Work BC Career Profile here.

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