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Job Description

Bricklayers are employed in BC’s Construction Sector. They build and repair walls, floors, arches, pavings, partitions, fireplaces, chimneys, smokestacks and other structures. They work with materials such as brick, natural stone, manufactured stone, tiles, precast masonry panels, glass blocks, concrete blocks, light weight insulated panels, other masonry units, insulation and membranes. They erect, install, maintain, repair and alter various masonry. The structures vary in complexity from a simple masonry walkway to an ornate exterior on a multi-level building.

Bricklayers work on industrial, commercial, institutional and residential buildings. They may specialize in stonework, restoration work or ornamental work. They may also specialize in installing refractories in high-temperature environments or installing corrosion resistant materials to line corrosive environments such as tanks and vessels.

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