Petroleum Geoscience Technologies

So, you think you might want a career in Petroleum Geoscience Technologies?

Job Description

Petroleum Engineering Technicians & Technologists work in the oil and gas industry. They operate and maintain well logging instruments and equipment, and assist or supervise exploratory drilling or well logging surveys. In addition, many Petroleum Technicians and Technologists prepare geological maps and manage facilities.

Things that Petroleum Engineering Technicians & Technologists do at work are:

  • Assist in feasibility studies for developing new oil and gas fields.
  • Monitor oil and gas drilling operations.
  • Select sites and specify drilling locations, testing and equipment.
  • Direct and monitor the completion and evaluation of wells, well testing and well surveys.
  • Monitor and supervise well oil and gas recovery.
  • Analyze reservoir fluid data to design optimum recovery methods and to predict reservoir performance and reserves.
  • Monitor and forecast oil recovery techniques that extend the economic life of wells.
  • Track the actual volume and value of reserves as they are used up and replaced by new exploration and development.
  • Supervise equipment and train crews on the use of heavy machinery used in oil mining.
  • Supervise the preparation, harvesting and transporting oil and oil sand.
  • Analyze samples collected from drilling cores.

Salary & Job Information
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Get trained

Petroleum Technicians & Technologists usually require completion of a two-year college program in Petroleum Technology.

Certification is available through provincial associations of engineering/applied science technologists and technicians and may be required for some positions.

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