Mineral Resource Technologies

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Job Description

Geological & Mineral Technicians & Technologists work in the fields of oil and gas exploration and production, geophysics, petroleum engineering, geology, mining and mining engineering, mineralogy, extractive and physical metallurgy, metallurgical engineering and environmental protection. They are employed by petroleum and mining companies, consulting geology and engineering firms, and by governments and educational institutions as well as by a variety of manufacturing, construction and utilities companies.   

Things that Geological & Mineral Technicians & Technologists do at work are:

  • Conduct or direct geological, geophysical, geochemical, hydrographic or oceanographic surveys, prospecting field trips, exploratory drilling, well logging or underground mine survey programs.
  • Operate and maintain geophysical survey and well logging instruments and equipment.
  • Prepare notes, sketches, geological maps and cross sections.  Prepare, transcribe or analyze seismic, gravimetric, well log or other geophysical and survey data.
  • Assist engineers and geologists in the evaluation and analysis of petroleum and mineral reservoirs.
  • Prepare or supervise the preparation of rock, mineral or metal samples and perform physical and chemical laboratory tests.
  • Conduct or assist in environmental audits, in the design of measures to minimize undesirable environmental effects of new or expanded mining and oil and gas operations, and in the development of waste management and other related environmental protection procedures
  • Supervise oil and gas well drilling, well completions and work-overs.
  • Supervise studies and programs related to mine development, mining methods, mine ventilation, lighting, drainage and ground control.
  • May assist engineers and metallurgists in specifying material.

Salary & Job Information
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Get trained

Geological & Mineral Technicians & Technologists usually require completion of a two to three-year college program in geological technology, petroleum technology, petroleum engineering technology, hydrogeology or groundwater technology, mining technology, mining engineering technology, mineralogy, metallurgical technology, or welding technology. Geophysics technologists usually require completion of a two to three year college program in electronics technology. Geological and mineral technicians usually require completion of a one to two-year college program in a related field.

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