Civil Technologies

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Job Description

Civil Engineering Technicians & Technologists work with scientists, engineers and other professionals, or may work independently in fields such as structural engineering, municipal engineering, construction design and supervision, highways and transportation engineering, water resources engineering, geotechnical engineering and environmental protection. They are employed by consulting engineering and construction companies, public works, transportation and other government departments and in many other industries.

Things that Civil Technicians & Technologists do at work are:

  • Develop engineering designs and drawings from preliminary concepts and sketches.
  • Prepare construction specifications, cost and material estimates, project schedules and reports.
  • Supervise or conduct field surveys, inspections or technical investigations of topography, soils, drainage and water supply systems, road and highway systems, buildings and structures to provide data for engineering projects.
  • Conduct or supervise inspection and testing of construction materials.
  • May supervise, monitor and inspect construction projects.

Salary & Job Information
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Get trained

Completion of a two or three-year college program in civil engineering technology or a closely related discipline is usually required for civil engineering technologists.

Completion of a one- or two-year college program in civil engineering technology is usually required for civil engineering technicians.

Certification in civil engineering technology or in a related field is available through provincial associations of engineering/applied science technologists and technicians and may be required for some positions.

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