Youth Trades Capital Equipment Program (TYCEP)

The Ministry of Jobs Tourism and Skills Training (JTST), in liaison with the Industry Training Authority (ITA), have developed a Youth Trades Capital Equipment Program (YTCEP). The YTCEP is targeted to enable schools to purchase trades training equipment that is needed to support the delivery of one of the ITA’s Youth Trades Programs.

The objectives of the YTCEP are to:

  • Gain a better understanding of current trades equipment inventory in each school district.
  • Determine forecasted needs for additional trades equipment requirements in each school district.
  • Increase participation and successful completion of youth trades programs and the number of students who continue on to further trades training programs.
  • Ensure school districts have safe and appropriate modern trades equipment to support the delivery of the ITA’s Youth Trades Programs.
  • Provide capital resources for school districts to develop and implement innovative trades training within the ITA’s Youth Trades Programs.

A partial list of the types of requests that will be eligible for funding are:

Capital investments for additional new equipment, replacement of older obsolete existing equipment, or repair of existing equipment (i.e. there will be consideration given to a funding investment towards the repair of existing equipment if that is the most practical and cost effective option).

  • Tools (i.e. power, hand, pneumatic, cordless).
  • Heavy machinery (i.e. car hoists, table saws, kitchen equipment).
  • Trades equipment (i.e. work tables, benches, toolbox, stoves, and small ware).
  • Ventilation equipment (i.e. woodshop sawdust collector, cooktop ventilation system).

The YTCEP will be administered through a call for proposals. Project announcements and funding confirmation will be provided to school districts in February/March 2017, with the expectation that school districts will execute on the supported projects in the months immediately following.

Should you have any questions regarding the YTCEP submission process, please contact your respective EDUC Capital Planning Officer at Capital Division Contact List.