Employer Profile: Cloudreach

What does your company do? Cloudreach provides the cloud platforms, tools and people to allow customers to compete, innovate and triumph in an ever-evolving digital age. As a global cloud enabler, Cloudreach works in close collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Salesforce, truly unleashing the immense power provided by these global technology companies for our enterprise customers.

What types of graduates do you plan to hire in the next 12 to 36 months?  As one of the largest cloud enablers in the world, we look for a willingness to learn, a “cloudy” attitude, superior technical craftsmanship and commercial focus. Our graduates are enormously talented, and motivated to achieve the best results for their teams and clients.

What is your greatest challenge when hiring new employees? Growth in our sector is rapid so the most difficult facet of hiring is making sure that we hire the right people and not just to meet demand.

Do you offer ongoing training opportunities for employees? As an organization, we strive to support and develop our employees. This is why we developed our own ‘Cloudy University’, which offers a wide range of courses in technology, business and leadership.

Do you work with post-secondary institutions or local secondary schools to develop programming?  Bill Klug, a professor in the Computer Information Technology program at BCIT, took a sabbatical from teaching to shadow our Vancouver Team. Bill has a passion for Cloud and teaches this as a main focus at BCIT. He wanted to get hands-on industry experience with a leading cloud provider to kick-start a few new courses at BCIT. Having Bill here was a great success, it strengthened our relationship with BCIT and Bill has successfully created new courses to teach at BCIT directly relating to Cloud Technologies.

Do you provide any co-op or experiential learning opportunities for secondary or post-secondary students?  We know that getting your career off to the right start is priority number one. That’s why we run a 12-month Graduate program for technology and engineering graduates seeking to work on impactful projects, delivered on a massive scale. Our rotation schedule ensures project variety, allowing Graduates to gain maximum exposure to all areas of our business.

Life at Cloudreach kicks-off with a 3-month immersive training at our Cloudy Campus in Amsterdam. Graduates from across the globe will train together, after which they will have the option to move to another of our offices. From there, they will be on the fast-track to success, working alongside some of the brightest minds in tech. Check out our careers page for more information.