Future Software Engineer: Kallen Tu, Grade 12 Student, Burnaby South Secondary

What got you interested in becoming a software engineer? I am interested in becoming a software engineer because programming makes me immensely happy and I love how there is so much to learn in the field. A person in the field can also work in many different types of jobs such as app development, web development or game development.

Do you know someone who does this type of work? My sister once worked in web development. My family is not very involved with programming, however I have reached out to mentors and adults who have worked in the field.

What do you like best about it? With programming, I love the process of being able to figure out how to solve a problem. The other great part about it is that I can make mistakes and it’s fixable. I feel like a large part of programming is using trial and error to learn from my mistakes. There is just so much room to improve and find something new that I never knew before.

What’s the biggest challenge? The biggest challenge I face is trying to be as efficient as possible and commenting frequently. I believe I can still improve by figuring out the best way to solve a problem, however the best way is usually the method that takes the most time. I may write something in one way, yet there can be various, more efficient solutions.

What job do you want when you finish your training? I want to be a software engineer in game development.

What sort of post-secondary education will you need? For this career, a university degree or college degree, as well as some job experience, would be sufficient to learn what is needed in the workplace. And, I am also aiming to go to University of Waterloo for the Computer Science Coop program.

What type of environment would you eventually like to work in?  I think I will end up working in an office with many co-workers in order to create a product.